EC2 – Prototyperaptor – Still Waiting

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A lot has been said about Rustic’s flow and polish. The TL;DR is, his maps have a level of polish that’s anything but “rustic.” (Badoomshh)

"Still waiting" is no exception. Fantastic flow, great patterns, fantastic lighting and overall just a lot of fun. In fact, do yourself a favor and just download the whole EC2 series of maps here right now:

While a lot of fun, the songs on song pack don’t particularly stand out. You can tell each track was a labor of love, however, and so other unique characteristics make each song stand out. Song choice is probably my biggest complaint (and that’s obviously a personal preference). You can tell Rustic is mapping the songs he wants to “live in” for a time like only VR allows and so they’re really works of art. The lighting is some of the best of any mapper. They also aren’t the most challenging, so because of that, I’ll categories them more as “experience maps.”

Anyway, so far, “Still waiting” is my favorite track on the map pack, but still absolutely recommend downloading the whole pack without hesitation!

Mapper: Rustic

Expert / Hard
Part of the Electric City 2 song pack


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