Light Ai

Camellia – New Challenger Approaching [Canadian tournament II AAA finals]

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
40 7
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Mapper: Light Ai

Its hard alright dont downvote just cause u cant pass

This map was made for the sightread finals of the Canadian tournament II AAA division. Thanks so much for asking me to map for this and the reactions on the map <3 Now reuploaded for ranking fixes and an Expert and Hard from altrewin!

Quick reupload because the njs on the hard diff somehow was really weird.

I'm now working with altrewin to rank this! He made the Expert and Hard.
Loloppes Lolighter used for lights.

Light's Ultimatum (Ex+)
2118 notes
25 njs
0.3 offset

altrewin's Confrontation (Ex)
1689 notes
23 njs
0.5 offset

altrewin's Provocation (Hard)
1289 notes
21 njs
-1.25 offset

If you have feedback or just want to talk: Light Ai#3939 on discord

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