Nanahoshi Kangengakudan – Meikaruza (instrumental)

Difficulties Expert+
79 9
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Mapper: kizuflux

ayooo new map! this one was my submission for the Building Blocks 2020 Mapping Contest! congrats to all the winners :DDD

Thanks to Duh Hello for playtest and NJS, and also credits to the Building Blocks team for the .ogg, cover photo, and initial timing.

Honestly, I’m really proud of this map even though it didn’t reach the top 10, as I did get to explore more on weird and edgy flow and angles, and this is my first manual lighting since 2018 LMAO. Also, joining this contest, I realized that I really have to learn how to map interestingly without having to make the map extremely hard. Many of the top 10 were very nice and interesting without having to sacrifice flow and readability, and I think all mappers need to learn how to do that to improve. I’ll probably try to rank a set or something once i map again LUL

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