City of Ruins – Rays of Light [Alex Roe Beautiful Rise Remix] [Nier Automata: City Ruins OST]

Difficulties Easy Expert
368 13
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Mapper: TheAb

Hope you enjoy this! The map is a bit old and outdated but I hope you enjoy regardless. Favorite OST second to Weight of the World!

Stats generated by Rabbit’s Mapping Tools (Thanks!):

Duration: 3:57
BPM: 100

NJS: 16
Offset: 0.3
Half Jump Duration: 1.3
Jump Distance: 24.96

Total NPS: 2.72
Mapped NPS: 2.98
Peak NPS:
16 beats: 6.67
8 beats: 7.29
4 beats: 7.92

Notes: 647
Bombs: 0
Walls: 92
Lighting: 2709

Red/Blue Ratio: 0.94
Top Notes: 12%
Middle Notes: 16%
Bottom Notes: 72%

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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