Hikaru Nara (Raon Lee & PelleK cover)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
26 3
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Mapper: Jitsuryoku

A more rigid version of Hikaru Nara, by Raon Lee and Pellek.

WIP Demo (one of the latest versions):

Expert and Expert+ are close to identical in terms of speed, but Expert has significantly easier patterns, so…. if you hate Expert+ just play Expert 😛

Oh, and by the way. This is technically a reupload. I’ve had it up, previously, but as some playtesting revealed it had problems. I’ve mostly fixed the original problems and more over the course of a week or too, but eventually forgot all about it. There might still be some minor issues, which I am unlikely to fix.

Huge thanks to Pyrowarfare (BSMG) for playtesting!

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