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Shanranran (TV Size) (Flying Witch OP) by Miwa

Difficulties Hard
15 4

Mapper: SilentCaay

I have to reupload since Beat Saber no longer supports multiple OGG files in a single song.

Prepare your clappers, my friend! This is basically Japanese riverdance for your hands… The TV size and full versions both use the same patterns, they’re just set to different versions of the song. Download one, the other or both!

Also, I’ve included a ClapOnHit mod I made specifically for this song. Check out the video for an example and if you want to install it, instructions are in the zip file. If you just want the ClapOnHit mod, there’s a seperate link below.

Hard (1:31, 248 notes, 0 obstacles)
Full event lighting
BPM – 135

Full-Length Download –

Full-Length Preview –

ClapOnHit Mod –

My YouTube (if you want to be notified of any new maps I make) –

My Patreon (if you want to toss me some kudos) –

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