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Bring Me To Life – Evanescence

Difficulties Expert+
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Reviewed Expert+:

Bring Me To Life is “Expert+” only which is unfortunate because this song is a LOT of fun to play to and not everyone will be able to enjoy it. Hopefully, a version with more difficulties and a bit more polish will come out soon.

I'm usually a bit more lenient on rating “visibility” on Expert+ when you can see the mapper did all they could to avoid issues. When you make a map at an Expert+ level, some visibility issues are almost inevitable (even if it’s just because of the mass of notes that it contains), but… with that said, I do think “Bring Me To Life” could be a bit better in that department with some tweaking.

The main issue with visibility are the walls. The song starts off well, but then these walls appear and make seeing what’s coming VERY hard. The difficulty of a song should be based on skills alone, not requiring the player to play the song enough times until they memorize what’s coming.

Trying the song with the “invisible walls” mod showed just how good of a map this is underneath a few sloppy design choices. With the mod, the song is quite a bit more enjoyable and I’d recommend anyone try playing it this way.

Other than visibility, I had just a few issues with a couple of the patterns. Things like the cross X pattern and stacks of 4 blocks without a strong reason lowered the overall polish of the patterns.

In summary, Bring Me to Life is a LOT of fun if you’re at an Expert+ level (especially if you use the “invisible walls” mod), but mods shouldn’t be required to enjoy a map properly. With some polish and possibly a couple more difficulty levels, this could be a great map and one that I’d easily recommend.

Mapper: Fromen

This is an official qualifier chart for the 2018 Beat Saber WorldWide Tournament. More information can be found in the Discord server:

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