Phantom of the Opera (Overture)

Difficulties Hard
121 55

Mapper: frodo-fraggins

My first map.

I uploaded it last night and immediately took it down because it needed work.

I figured out how to test-play, and then I figured out how to mess with the lights.
Now I’ve spent entirely too much time on it.

I hope it’s nice. I sure tried to make it nice.

Enjoy, my Angels of Music <3

Edit: If you're having trouble passing during the first parts (with all the non-arrow blocks in a row), try "rattling" your sabers slightly while holding them in that position. Should register them as hits.

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (1)
  1. poppy says:

    I really like this map. It goes perfectly with the song. My only complaint tho is that during the really long notes it changes block direction but I am just unable to see it because it is covered too close to the other blocks. I may be doing something wrong tho so apologies if I am

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