HE4VEN ~tengoku e youkoso~ SDVX

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert Expert+
309 1113

Mapper: Mystikmol

4 difficulties included (Easy/Hard/Expert/Expert+) WARNING: Expert+ is extremely difficult!

(V2 update:) A small flow error has been fixed in sequence 321-324 of the Expert chart. Please redownload the chart in order to get an updated scoreboard. Apologies for the inconvenience.

From the same artist that composed citrus, kamome sano returns with the big boss of SDVX IV, HE4VEN! This song is currently one of the hardest songs in SDVX and made its debut on the 6th KAC labeled as the first Level 20 of the game! Kamome sano creates a graceful and heavenly sound at a chaotically high BPM. Very deserving track to receive the “boss song” role in Sound Voltex Heavenly Haven!

HE4VEN ~tengoku e youkoso~ by kamome sano electric orchestra
BPM: 256

Chart Information

Song run time: 2:02


Notes: 116
Obstacles: 0


Notes: 443
Obstacles: 2


Notes: 978
Obstacles: 11


Notes: 1336
Obstacles: 15

All maps have been tested and cleared at least once prior to release

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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