Virtual Friends (Slippy Remix) – DROELOE

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
344 22
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Mapper: SkylerWallace

150 BPM / 3:37 Duration

Easy – 287 notes (1.32 NPS)
Normal – 437 notes (2.01 NPS)
Hard – 618 notes (2.84 NPS)
Expert – 811 notes (3.73 NPS)
Expert+ – 1015 notes (4.66 NPS)

One Saber
Normal – 379 notes (1.74 NPS)
Hard – 553 notes (2.54 NPS)
Expert – 710 notes (3.26 NPS)

Lawless (Chroma)
F@#$! – 1015 notes (4.66 NPS)

Gameplay: Coming Soon

Lawless mode requires the Chroma mod to run. As of Beat Saber 1.9, Chroma has an issue where the saber trail will not change colors when blocks change colors. To temporarily fix this issue, I have used SongCore custom colors to change the color trail to neutral colors (gray and white). Make sure SongCore Custom Color Overrides are enabled in Mod Settings of the game (it is enabled by default). This only applies if you play the Lawless difficulty of this map.

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