Mapper: Mystikmol

4 difficulties included (Easy/Normal/Hard/Expert) Very Beginner-Friendly Song!

Shirley House and Lupine the Phantom Thief arrive! To contrast with the craziness of HE4VEN, here is an extremely relaxing and catchy song by the talented Tsukasa! This song holds a special place in my heart as DJMAX Technika was one of the first ever rhythm played. This map is a little bit more mellow compared to my other charts. I wanted to stay true to the Technika chart and avoid overcharting this in any way! Use this song to take breaks in between HE4VEN attempts! 😀

In My Heart by Tsukasa ft. Misato
BPM: 123

Chart Information

Song run time: 1:41


Notes: 97
Obstacles: 0


Notes: 203
Obstacles: 0


Notes: 257
Obstacles: 4


Notes: 357
Obstacles: 4

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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