IU 아이유 – Eight 에잇 (fixed)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
206 13
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Mapper: Verociity

I LOVE this song. I’ve been waiting for an upbeat IU song since Palette so I started mapping this after just one listen. This might be my favourite map yet, the patterns adapt to the music; big swings for the chorus, sharp angles for Suga rap and flow-motions for IU’s faster vocals.

Expert+ is the intended difficulty so give it a go if you can easily manage expert. Suga’s rap verse was toned down for expert but the amount of notes are about equal for the rest of the song with slightly easier transitions and more traditional patterns than expert+ but it’s not a huge difference in difficulty. 16 NJS for both as it’s just right. No copy-pasta, every note was mapped with love.

Mixed reality playthrough:

Cover art on IG:

Discord: Verociity#6543

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