Storia (Cytus Chapter Million) – xi vs sakuzyo

Difficulties Easy Expert Expert+
28 2
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Mapper: Sorukun

My first Mapper V Mapper collab map that I really enjoyed mapping in the past month, and now it’s here!

A huge thanks to Escapee for participating and making a level of his version, which I added into this map!

Special thanks to my fellow testers:

Disclaimer: This map contains strobing lighting events, but I strongly recommended that you play this map in Static Lights to avoid epilepsy and/or seizures.

Now for the diffs:

Ex+ (Soru’s Ex++)
NJS: 22
NPS: 4.88
Notes: 1,238
Walls: 22
Bombs: 0

Expert (Escapee’s Ex++)
NJS: 21
NPS: 6.06
Notes: 1,537
Walls: 43
Bombs: 18

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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