Van Halen – Jump

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A Major(Pickle) Improvement!

MajorPickle has done it again - literally! He replayed this early map of his and felt it wasn't as good as it could be (it wasn't), and so he redid it, this time with 200 maps' worth of experience behind him! The result is another fantastic map from the king of the dance mappers. On top of that, he added a full spread of difficulties AND a 360!

This new version improves on the original in every way possible. MajorPickle is a master of rhythm and timing, and his block placements are 100% on the beat. I've worked with him on several projects now, and I can guarantee you that he is meticulous and precise with his timing!

Being a MajorPickle map, the patterns flow beautifully - especially on the expert level. Just swing away and imagine you're on stage with Van Halen, dancing along with this awesome arena rock hit!

MajorPickle has become one of best mappers in the game, and it's cool to see him going back and revisiting his early efforts to make sure all his maps - even the old ones - are of the highest quality. Keep up the great work, MajorPickle!

Mapper: Majorpickle

Had to re-upload Jump . Found a glitch in some of the map files which would not allow some saber players to play certain difficulties . Sorry for the inconvenience and score reset .

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  1. TOOTR says:

    Thanks so much for this incredible map. My wife and I have been throughly enjoying trying to beat each others scores on first hard and now Expert.

    This map REALLY shines in EXPERT the flow and the movement are exceptional. EASILY one of our favourite maps.

    Thanks again.

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