Gareth Coker – Escaping A Foul Presence (Ori and The Will Of The Wisps OST)

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert Expert+
390 10
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Mapper: Lethrial

Hard, Expert, Expert+ (and a lightshow)

(Thanks ClownBard on Youtube for suggesting this song!)

My first multi-difficulty map! Hurrah!

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a real map. I hope the wait was worth it! I had a lot of fun creating this, and I hope you all have a lot of fun playing it ;D

In a lot of ways, this map is a sequel to Escaping The Ruins, which I like the idea of!

Also, thank you guys so much for the support on Escaping The Ruins! I was blown away by how many people enjoyed the map, and by how many videos there were of people playing it! Thank you all <3

I forgot the showcase video! Sorry guys!

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