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Mousou Express (TV size) – Nadeko Sengoku (C.V. Kana Hanazawa)

Difficulties Hard Expert
240 23
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Mapper: splake

Don’t be fooled by renai circulation. shes a monster.

Hey everyone,
BPM 101 hard and expert (and an alternative expert)
Lighting mostly done by Freeks Auto Lighter (handy for when you have other projects)
Charts created by Splake
Music sung by Nadeko Sengoku (C.V. Kana Hanazawa)
From the anime Monogatari Season 2
special thanks to Your Mom (no not ur mum)
music here:

to access the alternative expert, navigate to your “CustomSongs” folder where all your songs are. open the folder named mousou express and rename the file “ExpertPlus1.json” to “ExpertPlus.json” before you start the game. you only need to do this once and it will stay permanently on your songs list as expert+. (its not like anyone reads this anyway. if you read this chances are you wont go through the trouble to do it either lol)

the spoopy renai circulation owo

I liked how this one plays. hope you guys do too.
Thanks for playing!

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