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Pentagon – Dr. Bebe

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Mapper: _elynnya_

A vigorous map with both dreamlike and anthem style sections. The rap sections have high note density so make sure you’ve warmed up! Hard difficulty features more walls to move around and has more note density that my usual maps so will be harder than usual.

Dr. Bebe is the title track of Pentagon’s Universe: The Black Hall album released on the 13th of February 2020. Members Hui, Nathan and Yunji composed the track.

Huge thank you to Todai for making timing adjustments, to Marv for detailed suggestions on improvements, and to Aggroharu for the suggestion of the 1/3 timing on the rap. Also to the k-pop discord group for their suggestions and advice. These maps wouldn’t be possible without them!

As always I’m trying to grow as a mapper so I would appreciate feedback if you can spare the time. You can find me on the K-Pop beat saber discord group or at Elynnya#6623.

K-Pop beat saber discord group: https://discord.gg/c9uHGYP

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  1. Verociity says:

    not too shabby, I would’ve preferred less up-down notes though, especially in the middle lanes.

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