Stan Bush – Dare (From The Transformers: The Movie Soundtrack)

Difficulties Expert+
91 8
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Mapper: stormknight

“Dare” is one of two songs performed by Stan Bush from “The Transformers: The Movie,” Soundtrack The song is played twice in the movie: first at the start of the Decepticon invasion of Autobot City, and once again as the Autobots launch the final attack on the planet-sized Unicron, the main antagonist of the movie. It’s a long time favorite of mine, and part of many workout playlists.

To give the feel of the attack on Autobot City, the map is presented in Autobot Red, Decipticon Purple, blaster colors for both Autobot and Decepticons, with orange walls to represent Autobot City.

Thanks to Playtesters Sorukun and Unleashed Orb!

Time: 4:02
Level: Expert+
Total Notes: 1063
Notes Per Second: 4.36
NJS: 18
Offset: 0.0
BPM: 146

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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