alvecim 1.1. Balanced Hardcore Trance


Difficulties Expert Expert+
17 0

Mapper: alvecim 15th MAP!! t+pazoliteさんで楽しい曲を見つけましたのでmappingさせて頂きました。 EXも難易度をいい感じに下げられたと思いますので、こちらもお楽しみください。

Beenjohnwayne333 1.1. Balanced 1.2. Dance Dance Trance

Haunt You

Difficulties Expert+
0 1

Mapper: Beenjohnwayne333 One of my favorite songs of 2022 and 2023! It took me well over 10 hours to complete this map. Expert plus only, with full light show. Recommend you use custom song co…

Superkota5 1.5. Speed Instrumental Trance


Difficulties Expert+
1 1

Mapper: Superkota5 Probably the most effort ive ever put into a map Parts: 1. Normal vibro sometimes with short 198 bpm 1/8 floor bursts, also it sometimes does the 3 tall flicks (like the one…