J+1 – Give ‘Em the Love

Difficulties Expert
2 0

Mapper: miitchel Please do me 1 favor and play with the lights on, I did them myself and i’m proud and i will appreciate it if u play with them <3 ~~ Thanks ComplexFrequency for the q…


Geoxor – Woosh

Difficulties Expert
4 1

Mapper: eravate My first beat saber map, the lighting isn’t really that good. My co-owned discord server: https://discord.gg/NUyYymv Thanks for checking this out.


Gassed Up

Difficulties Expert Expert+
7 1

Mapper: taragon123 Second map. Oh man did I learn a lot since my first map. I really appreciate everyone who helped test this map and tell me how dumb some of my ideas were. Also first time ma…



Difficulties Hard Expert
0 0

Mapper: icosha 『フィギュア17 ~つばさ&ヒカル~』 – BOY Name: – BOY Genre: – Anime / Figure 17 ~Tsubasa & Hikaru~ Singer: – THE ALFEE Mode: – Tsubasa • (N…