Difficulties Easy Expert+
0 0

Mapper: midddd ITS DONE! After about 2 weeks of fixing and timing and even lighting By Dan/219278 and even help from Kizuflux for some of the timings too! I put a lot of work into this and rea…


A Reyvateils Vibro V2

Difficulties Easy
0 2

Mapper: dennileon1 The old one was passed wayyyyyyy too fast so i made one that should take a bit longer (: Good luck, you will need it also please don’t black out on this or something


Lize dies

Difficulties Easy
1 0

Mapper: helpmeicantwakeup HOW HOW IS SHE Lize one of the best nijisanji livers if your opinion differs you’re wrong ! ! Lize: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ1xuCK1kNmn5RzPYIZop3w Ori…


Code Vein – Amber Journey

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert
1 3

Mapper: io [LightShow] Walls: 12384 [Hard] Notes: 571 Bpm: 121.40 Notes/ Second: 1.88 Walls: 11904 Bombs: 0 NJS: 16 [Expert Lawless] Notes: 887 Bpm: 121.40 Notes/ Second: 2.92 Walls: 11905 Bom…