Bytrius Metal

Master of Puppets – Metallica

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Mapper: Bytrius

UPDATE (2021): This map is very old, and I made it when I had little to no experience mapping. If you don’t like it, that’s your fault for not reading the description here or the other reviews on BeastSaber. I make much better maps now! Thank you for reading!

Original description from 04/20/2020:
This took way to long to map because of the sole factor that METALLICA HAS NEVER HEARD OF USING A METRONOME AAAAAAAAAA
I did my best to deliver 4 fun, good difficulties on this one! PLEASE upvote if you enjoyed, I spent 5 days for multiple hours at a time mapping this, the most effort I’ve put into any one of my maps!


Map Preview of Expert+:

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  1. cholme says:

    Not very imaginative map.

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