Joji – Gimme Love

Difficulties Expert+
206 14
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Mapper: Verociity

This is my most original map yet with some patterns only Joji could inspire me to make. I kept walls to a minimum this time to focus on the patterns instead which do get a bit wild so you have to be willing to move and adapt, that’s what Joji would want. Be sure to check out the mixed reality video which is a blurring of lines between game and music video, merging Beat Saber and myself into the Jojiverse.

Expert+ only as each note was just the way I intended and I couldn’t think of a way to downmap it, but SkylerWallace has you covered for every other difficulty.

Lighting courtesy of SkylerWallace.

Mixed reality playthrough:

Cover art inspired by the movie Under The Skin, more Joji edits on IG:

Protip: For the music video mod you can set the official video to -1000ms and it’ll sync up perfectly.

Discord: Verociity#6543

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