Bass Nipple – Infected Mushroom

Difficulties Expert+
1257 136
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Mapper: Interz

Modded by Rogdude, TheRealZeroz and Shrado
map by Interz 🙂

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (2)
  1. 100ideas says:

    Finally beat this level – my first sucess at the ranked expert+. I like this song a lot musically which helped inspire me to continue retrying it until my skills improved enough. The note patterns match the music very well which I find also to be important to my continued interest. Couple of “booby trap” extra-difficult sections towards the end of the track which are evil but ultimately enjoyable in terms of upping the tension and difficulty level. Thanks for a great map!

  2. Revanty says:

    The reaction time to hit the notes is way too short, and it severely dampened my experience playing it, which is a shame because I thought that the mapping was absolutely wonderful!

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