E Nomine – Mitternacht

Difficulties Expert+
101 2
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Mapper: stormknight

Mitternacht (Ger. “Midnight”) is off of the album “Finsteris” (Ger. “Darkness”) by E Nomine (Lat. “In The Name Of”.”)

The group is a German musical project composed of Christian Weller and Friedrich “Fritz” Garner. Their style is a combination of trance, techno, gothic, and Gregorian singing and chanting. Most of the vocals of the group were done by German voice actors, who dubbed movies into German.

Released in 2002, Mitternacht was the debut single of the album, which became a German top-ten hit in March 2002. This song was a goth standard in my area of the world, and the theme for a club that has long since passed. I still request it from my German-loving DJs when I go out, who are more than happy to play it.

The pattern is Expert+, based on the underlying galloping rhythm and a few other surprises. It’s color scheme is midnight blue, grey, light grey walls to represent fog, and dark blue lights, and yellow to represent candles in the night.

Thanks to Sorukun and Escapee for playtesting this!


Time: 3:54
Level: Expert+
Total Notes: 957
Notes Per Second: 4.08
NJS: 18
Offset: -0.5
BPM: 131

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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