Stardust Speedway [Future Bass Remix]

Difficulties Normal Expert Expert+
300 17
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Mapper: Kazekiri

Sonic Mania’s Stardust Speedway Remix~ Hope you enjoy my walled Adventure and Beginner modes ^^ made a “Gotta go fast” mode for a smol challenge (it’s easy for the pros really…) A big thanks to Maralade and Paini for play-testing this map o/

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (2)
  1. keyjayhd says:

    Nice but would be nice to put Remixer as author – The Musical Ghost did the track

  2. haosmark says:

    How do I play this? The game is saying that something is missing, so I can’t start it. Do I need to install some additional plugin or something?

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