t+pazolite – QZkago Requiem

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
972 329
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Mapper: schwnk

I hate all of you

Modded by: Foxy, shrado, Jez, Oddloop and Muffn
Playtested by: Lavie and Syllable and everyone who played the original map
^All these guys are epic tho

Ex++ (OH SHID)
NPS: 11.93
Not for rank, super autistic ending fun tho

Ex+ (The Requiem)
NPS: 11.6
For rank, literally the difficulty above but less autistic ending

Ex (The Lament)
NPS: 8
Less sliders and tamer mapping for rank yes

Hard (The Hymn)
NPS: 6.39
Tame mapping with a few bursty boys for rank yes

Yes all of these are 257 bpm, so don’t expect hard to equate to your average hard map

If you have a M O D or complaints, hmu on discord Schwank#8253

cum 2

reupload 1: muffn help me feex <3
reupload 2: oddloop give help thank also jez asked me to buff so blame him
reupload 3: Funny raknkking and lawless

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