El Grillo

Motorball – Alita: Battle Angel OST – Junkie XL

Difficulties Expert
14 6

Mapper: El Grillo

Expert difficulty mode only so far.

This is a ‘standard flow’ version of my slightly insane ‘Taiko pattern’ version of the map – this version should be easier for most people to handle (and will definitely be easier on your shoulders)!
Taiko pattern version (expert+) can be found here: https://bsaber.com/songs/9aa3/

I was incredibly surprised that no-one else had mapped this amazing track already. Hope you enjoy. If you don’t like this one, try the Taiko pattern version… fair warning though, you need to know the lost art of Panzer Kunst to have any chance of making it through to the end in one piece 😉

If anyone feels like modding a couple of Damascus blades, I’d love to see someone tackling this with them!

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