Walking The Wire – Imagine Dragons

Difficulties Normal Expert
66 81

Mapper: bkfighter

Walking The Wire by Imagine Dragons (v2)

Issues Fixed:
-Being unable to start Expert mode without No Fail
-Soooo many blocks right in your face (I’m so sorry)

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (1)
  1. JanaMarie says:

    Some of the faster combos and the crossover are a bit much for Normal difficulty, but I think that particular set of notes is REALLY good; the Expert map is really just Hard at most. I would consolidate these maps and call it Hard. There are some things that don’t seem intentional, maybe weren’t play-tested? There are some awkward curves that seem like you’re supposed to slice in one arc but it doesn’t feel natural, and there are instances of downward notes of the same color side-by-side. If you fix this stuff, I think you would have a pretty decent map here.

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