Fish and Whistle – John Prine [Easy 360]

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A Beautiful Tribute and a Lovely Map -

TechButterfly has crafted a heartfelt tribute to one of the greatest songwriters and gentlest souls of our time. This is a lovely, chill map that will make you smile, much like the man who it honours.

I think it's so cool that Tech has mapped an Easy 360 level to make this format more accessible for those who might not have played 360s yet. It's the perfect entry, because it's so fun and dance-y with such great flow that makes the moves easy to nail.

As always, the harder difficulties are also exceptional with perfect flow and timing.

Thanks for this very special map, TechButterfly

Mapper: techbutterfly

In remembrance of John Prine, one of the most influential songwriters of all time, who succumbed to coronavirus on April 7, 2020. John’s songs were always simple, with great hooks and lots of heart. I loved playing his songs back in the day! Inspired by the simplicity of John’s songs, and because I think there are some folks who might like to try a 360 map but they’re all too hard, the 360 for this map is an EASY level. If you’ve never played a 360, you can give this one a try and not worry (too much) about getting lost or dizzy. If you’re a fan of my more difficult 360 maps, sorry, this isn’t the map for you – the expert standard is still good though. But there are plenty more higher diff 360s on the way!

Big thanks to my playtesters, Maybeemae and MP.

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