Telecaster B-Boy – Tsurii (KMNZ LIZ Cover)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
46 4
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Mapper: hwatwhy

I’m doing a reupload because- I hated the njs previously once I tried it myself, I was hoping I could just ignore it but it was disturbing me a little too much so here’s a reupload! Sorry for those who has played this map previously and preferred the higher njs, you can always keep the older version if you’ve had it downloaded πŸ™‚

Heard the song while scrolling through youtube recommends and immediately went “I have to map this” and so I did! Here’s a quick map from me because it’s such a jammer and it’s a short 1 minute map!

Some patterns were inspired from Malakite and it made me want to use more dancey double inverts, yas queen~
Map still has circles movements just how I like them..
Thanks Ezkills and Teuflum for the test, big appreciates bois <3

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