Re:Zero ED 1 – Styx Helix (OP ONLY)

Difficulties Normal Expert
629 57
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Mapper: yourmom

Hey everyone, your mom back again with some more Myth & Roid. This time, like an intelligent human, I mapped the short version of the song first, instead of doing the whole thing first like I did with Paradisus. Speaking of which, if you liked this, check out my other song, Paradisus Paradoxum!
I also added in a normal difficulty for this one. This song wasn’t as hard as Paradisus Paradoxum, so I didn’t tone as down as much for the “easier” difficulty.
I wasn’t so sure of how many people like this song as much as I do, so I’m holding off on mapping the whole thing for now. If I get a lot of positive feedback, then Ill do the full song later.
Have fun!
-Your mom

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  1. SephTheTraitor says:

    Oh I just found out about this site today, so hopefully I can leave feedback that gets back to you!

    I LOVE M&R, so thanks for make this and paradisus-paradoxum <3 That song totally kicked my butt the first few tries but I actually quite enjoy it. Why do you think that a whole song makes you unintelligent? I personally prefer them a bit more. I'm really looking forward to a full version of this!

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