Bad Lip Reading – Seagulls Stop It Now

Difficulties Hard Expert
557 13
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Mapper: RaynArch

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (2)
  1. techbutterfly says:

    CORRECTION: this review was meant for another version of this song – I did not know there were two different ones. I haven’t played this map. I don’t see a way to delete my rating and review. Maybe I’ll just download this version and try it. I really do love this song.

  2. techbutterfly says:

    One of my favorite maps to play. Great flow but still challenging. I play this map several times a week as part of my exercise routine. Took a lot of practice, but I routinely get full combo and S rating on expert now. Helps that I already loved this song long before Beat Saber came along.

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