||BIWB|| Cream on Chrome – RATATAT v1.5

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Mapper: StraightOuttaSea

Welcome to my first song pack titled “BEATING IT WITH BABISH” a collection songs used prominently in the Youtube series “Binging with Babish by Andrew Rea.

I’ve chosen 5 of the most used and best songs to include in the pack and tried to make them flow the best that I could. Includes 5 songs.

Juparo – Broke For Free

Add And – Broke For Free

XXV – Broke For Free

Cream on Chrome – RATATAT

Stay Tuned – (Wuh Oh)

Hope you guys let the sabers get to know each other and enjoy!

Was never happy with the intro to this one, so I fixed it a little bit, the rest of the song is the same.

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  1. Kalciferous says:

    I fixed the issue and now this is one of my favorite tracks. Why can’t I edit my review?

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