Savior of the Waking World – Toby Fox

Difficulties Expert
86 9
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Mapper: SkaiaMechanic

“Dude, you can’t post Homestuck in 2020, no one cares.” “No no, it’s fine. This song was written by Toby Fox, everyone still loves that guy. You can’t throw a Deltarune and not hit an Undertale in this place. I’ll just post it as one of his.”

Honestly though, this map was an experiment to push myself as a mapmaker while still being able to playtest it to full combo and enjoy it. I’m very happy with the final product, but it was hitting the upper limits of what a reasonable Hard difficulty could be. So I just bumped it up to Expert and called it a day, even if it’s an easier Expert.

Song: “Savior of the Waking World” by Toby Fox
Album: Homestuck Volume 5 – 2010
Lighting inspired by [S] John: Rise Up

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