BTH 5 – Power is Power

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This is one song that I don't really have much to say about; it's very well done! I recommend giving this one a go. It can be a bit complex at times, but not in a bad way.

Overall this is a very well charted song. It flows great and doesn't make you feel like you are making unnatural movements at any points. Everything is on beat, and it isn't overly hard; just challenging enough to be fun.  There are very few things I dislike about this chart; it is honestly hard for me to pick them out, and this is going to be so much shorter than my usual reveiws! There are a few notes in the center lane where the walls are that may block visibility a bit for some people, and they can catch you a little off-guard the fist time you play the song.  Other than that, I don't really see any issues with this chart. It's just plain fun!

Mapper: Mars Rappold

Waddup beaters!?

I’m pleased to announce the release of BRING THE HYPE 5, the FIFTH hype inducing song pack in the “Bring The Hype” series for Beat Saber!

This is the song pack “Bring The Hype 5”, or BTH 5 for short. Each song is intended to bring the hype, and has a heavy influence on liquid drum and bass & high energy happy hardcore. Every song contains Expert or Expert+ chart. Easier difficulties will be added at a later date. If you’ve been out of the loop, check out the previous song packs, BTH, BTH 2, BTH 3, & BTH 4.

To find the songs on BeatSaver, search for “BTH” and scroll until you see BTH 5.

Song list:
BTH 5 – Amazing – Inna ft. Hixxy, Sy & Unknown
BTH 5 – Down Like That – Darren Styles & Chris Unknown
BTH 5 – Everytime I Hear Your Name – Dougal & Gammer ft. Niki Mak
BTH 5 – Guitar Hero – Dougal & Gammer
BTH 5 – How to Save a Life – The Fray (Gammer Remix)
BTH 5 – Power is Power – KO3
BTH 5 – Take Me High – Omegatypez (Kutski & Gammer Remix)
BTH 5 – This is HDM – Relect

All charts created by M.Rappold
Artwork created by Rust_ITG
Shoutout to my main testers: Foxx33 / Arashi / Edzo / Jake / Alabaster

Leave a STAR on BeatSaver if you appreciated the songs/charts. Don’t forget to leave me ( @M.Rappold#5304 )feedback, any and all (positive and negative) truly helps keep the series alive!

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