Limbo – Daddy Yankee

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How Low Can You Go?

Ayewyn's Limbo has taken the Beat Saber streaming community by storm, being venerated as one of the greatest dance-able maps currently found on BeatSaver.

Limbo is an extremely catchy beat-based song, perfect for dancing along to with or without blocks to slice in half.  This is paired with a relatively easy map with great readability, a tasteful employment of the limbo gimmick, and excellent spacing between hits.

Limbo has become my favourite map, but this isn't to say it doesn't have issues.  There are some notes placed that nearly block each other, causing a lot of bad cuts, as well as a particular twirling motion that doesn't fit the rest of the map's style.  However, these are the only issues with the map, and given the dancing nature of the map it doesn't impede the fun - though it certainly impedes full combos.  This is a common complaint, forcing me not to give it a perfect score.

Despite that, Limbo is what I consider the most fun custom map I have ever played.  Don't take it too seriously - jam out, dance to the beat, and limbo under the barriers!  Limbo is a must play, and I personally close out my stream with it every time.

Mapper: ayewyn

If you don’t at least try to limbo, you didn’t really finish the map.

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