We Own The Night – Dance Gavin Dance

Difficulties Expert+
352 39
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Mapper: hwatwhy

(re-up because I was getting nagged about metadata)

Sorry for the wait Angelo monkaS.. (so when will you play beatsaber again)

BUT I RELEASE- I think it’s fine enough now but it still has some old me elements when I was still starting out learning how to map and was requested to map this song. I still think it’s a pretty good song not gonna lie.

This map has been rotting in my WIPs because of the amount of bpm drifts there is, it was such a pain I got tired of this map in the end but I have to.. totally not because it was a kind request :sweat:

Nothing too fancy was done for this map in terms of how I map now but I hope anyone will like this!

Have feedback? Shoot me a DM hwatwhy#1815

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