Kaneko Chiharu – WHITEOUT (Reupload for rank)

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
1280 269
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Mapper: Muffn

Reupload #3, changed two notes in each diff pogchamp
Reupload #2, nerfed the diff spikes cause they mightve been a bit too hard :)) also removed second note on the second 1/6 stream
Reupload #1, small adjustments and ready for ranking, except ex++ for now probably 🙁

Speedy boi collab with DE125 widePeepoHappy

Ex++ (Expert+), goes up to 400bpm
Ex+ (Expert), sliders instead of 400bpm but still spaced 1/6 streams = 300bpm
Expert (Hard) is nerfed ex+
Hard (Normal) is even more nerfed expert

Lights by Mystikmol

Going to try for ranked on this so let me know if you have any concerns with this map on discord: muffn#2345

Thanks for the mods Freej, altrewin & puds

Thanks gaelicanz for testing

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