Gate One – aran

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
40 1
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Mapper: hwatwhy

Two versions of expert+ because previously I wanted to rank this map but recently my motivation for this song went down the drain and I still preferred my ‘First Expert+’ instead of the actual version that I remapped which would have went for rank (‘Jumps Expert+’)

Big thanks to Teuflum (Toe.) for giving me my first ever mod and making me learn a lot about the expectations behind ranking and what I should look out for in the future and Scrappy for giving me his quick mod and making me realize my flow was all over the place which is why I remapped Pepega

I probably gave this to many people for tests but I appreciate each and every one of the tests!

I hope I can rank something that I would truly like in the future (soon tm) and hopefully this map will be fine for you, thank you for playing my map!

Any feedbacks? Shoot me a DM hwatwhy#1815

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