Neutron Dance – The Pointer Sisters [PickleTech]

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: techbutterfly

Neutron Dance by The Pointer Sisters, from 1984’s Beverly Hills Cop! How can you not dance to it? It’s right in the name!

Fully mapped Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, Expert Plus Standard, and Expert Plus 360.

The Expert and Expert Plus diffs on this map are both actually expert, just mapped in different styles. The Expert level is mapped in a more dancy style and the Expert Plus is more of a stream style – I say stream “style” because it’s not like the high-density streams you’ll find in most maps – these are dance maps, after all. But it has a more continuous flow and fewer of the big hits you’ll find in the Expert level. If you play on PCVR, you’ll see the levels labeled dancy and stream. The 360 is based on the dancy level.

This song is part of my new song pack collaboration with MajorPickle: PickleTech Goes to the Movies – The 1980s.

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