(6-Lane) Katy Perry – Roar

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert
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Mapper: Z-ANESaber

!!IMPORTANT!!: Be careful while playing the 6-Lane Mode! 6 Lanes take up more space than normal Beat Saber Levels. Make sure you have enough room in your play space! I do not take responsibility if you break anything! I have a play space of about 3 by 3 meters and it works just fine. Like I said be careful

In order to play this map you need the ´Mapping Extensions´ mod.
You can get it from the ModAssistant (https://github.com/Assistant/ModAssis…). After you download the ModAssistant run the .exe file choose your game directory and your version and then check the box next to ´Mapping Extensions´ and press install. If you don´t have this mod installed it will not work.

I´m open for song requests so if you have any ideas let me know in the comments or on Discord:

This is one of my previous maps modded with the 6-Lane Mode. I also improved the flow a bit.
Have fun!


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  1. Malaki96 says:

    Anyone know why this map stopped working unlike the non 6 lane version? It now doesn’t load and just spins when selected and can’t even proceed to select Difficulty.

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