dexty Hardcore Speedcore

Imil – Speedcore Paradise

Difficulties Expert+
37 5
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Mapper: dexty

reupload, just wanted to tweak it a little and make it unscuffed. Another map from a speedmapping challenge in cum 2. i like how those challenges are making me actually map because its fun to map and actually release them. having the time limit means i dont have the chance to let my mind trail off and procrastinate. anyway about the map itself. its way better than last time. its pretty fun i think. slider streams are fun. good song, we werent allowed to use songs from artists like camellia, tpaz, kobaryo, etc. aka rhythm game artists. it was cool how it forced me to be more creative with my choice, i would not have gotten round to mapping something like this otherwise. anyway ive rambled on long enough now so ill just leave it here. play mappe if u want.

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