Parallel Universes – Sayonara Wild Hearts

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
65 16
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Mapper: PandACT

The lights are designed to make it feel like you’re switching universes, complete with custom colors to match the SWH level if you have SongCore! (at least, I think so… K/DA colors work too) (WARNING: some strobing)

Normal has no walls in the middle two lanes, so you don’t have to move too much
Hard was the one I made first, mostly following snaps and claps with the respective enemy.
Expert… this is my first map and I don’t know what I’m doing, but I toned down the wacky streams! :3

Thanks so much to Sorukun for playtesting! (Expert is only bearable because of their advice… but send complaints or praise to me so I can improve :P)
And thanks to Flyntron for the ideas!

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  1. PandACT says:

    I considered uploading an expert version where I remapped the end to be less confusing, but apparently 3/4 SWH players like the weirdness? So if you think the end ruins the fun, tell me and I can maybe fix it

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