Eminem – Darkness

Difficulties Expert
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Mapper: Z-ANESaber

I´m open for song requests so if you have any ideas let me know in the comments or on Discord:

In order to play this map you need the ´Mapping Extensions´ mod.
You can get it from the ModAssistant (https://github.com/Assistant/ModAssistant). After you download the ModAssistant run the .exe file choose your game directory and your version and then check the box next to ´Mapping Extensions´ and press install. If you don´t have this mod installed it will not work.

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(For anyone who cares)
The thoughts that went into this map:
– The walls at the start were just for aesthetics
– There was a stage at the beginning for reasons that you´ll get later
– When Em says “It´s like the walls are closin´ in” there are walls that shrink the space the player has a little so it´s like the walls are closing in
– A tunnel appears when Em starts talking about the father of the shooter. Which just symbolises the hard times that the shooter probably went through where it felt like he was stuck in a tunnel
– A pistol appears on the top left side because Em talks about shots
– A similar stage to the beginning appears when Eminem talks about how nobody shows up to his show but then suddenly fans rush the entrance and the player also goes through the entrance and sees the stage. So the player is a fan who also rushes the entrance and sees the show.
– A scope is seen which the player´s head goes through just like a sniper looks through his scope
– When Em says “The curtain starts to go up” you can see a curtain that the player goes through
– The player does a motion similar to sliding a clip in a sniper rifle when Eminem talks about how the shooter prepares
– When the shooting sounds in the song start the shots are portrayed by small particles around the player but they never hit you
– When Em says “Got ’em hopping over walls and climbing fences” a fence appears
– You can see the shooter´s hotel room at the end. The player is the shooter in this part and goes through the different rooms in his hotel and sees the different furniture on the sides
– When the shooter kills himself the player ducks down which symbolises dying and there are no bloqs coming for a few seconds after he shot himself because the shooter can´t slice any bloqs cus he´s dead
– Afterwards the player goes through an old tube tv screen and listens to the news reports about school shootings


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