Wintersun – Starchild

Difficulties Expert Expert+
106 8
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Mapper: Wyxi

Epic 8 minute song by Wintersun. The map is stamina and stream heavy, but with a slower but more technical section in the middle. Enjoy!

Genre: Symphonic metal (?)
BPM: 186.93

Two difficulties!

Wintersun (Ex++) | 9.4NPS – 4484 notes – 20 NJS | stream and stamina heavy map with satisfying drumfills. Slow but more technical section in middle. Video playthrough:

Summersun (Lower Ex+) | 5.41 NPS – 2579 notes – 17 NJS | Focuses more on melody, the only 1/4 streams are the drumfills and then not more than 3-4 beats long.

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