Verociity K-Pop

Heart Attack – Chuu/LOONA (fixed)

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Verociity

I’ve been working on this for about 10 months, every time I think it’s done I realise it’s not good enough and end up redoing most of it. I’m still a new mapper so this was one of the maps that taught me a lot about mapping and finding my style.

Note: Hard and Expert mostly follows the beat but Expert+ mostly follows Chuu’s vocals, her notes are a quarter note before the beat (rushing) which is slightly harder to follow so I mapped E+ to match her vocals, it is the intended difficulty though and a lot more fun.

Update: I removed the pepega notes from all difficulties as I was getting complaints about that. Also fixed the offset by -30ms as it was a bit off-sync (thanks Marv).

Mixed reality playthrough:

Discord: Verociity#6543

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