Dubstep Electronic

Overthinker – INZO

Difficulties Expert Expert+
2879 52
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Mapper: Ryger

Thanks Rexxz for all your patience and lighting skillz <3

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (8)
  1. Wolpertinga says:

    How long does it take to make such a great map incl. lightning?

  2. kehnneh says:

    The mapping for this song is excellent.

    Unfortunately the song is sped up, which really bothers me. If it had been left at the original speed, i would give this a 5.0 rating in every category.

  3. avib99 says:

    Can you pleeeeeese make a version that works on the Quest.

    1. YeeeItsMe says:

      Hey there! This works on my quest, just remember to install the mapping extensions under the plugin/mods section

      1. avib99 says:

        Thanks but not sure if extensions work on the Quest, nevertheless i’ve got the link cable now so i have it working (as a Rift S) with extensions. AWESOME track!

  4. Thardin says:

    Why does this song not work? Do I need a mod?

    1. RadStorm says:

      Pretty sure you will need Mapping Extensions to have it work correctly.

      1. Thardin says:

        Thanks that worked

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