Lonely Departure (Old Version) – Chroma

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert
65 38

Mapper: shadowlord723

Difficulties Offered:

Genre: EDM
Song: Lonely Departure
Composer: Chroma
Length: 2:46
BPM: 175
Illustration: Noxy Games Inc.

Definitely harder than my first song. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Special thanks to [Arashi] and [Garsche] from discord and twitch for playtesting the song! Go check them out! Thank you guys so much!



Due to the song receiving mixed reviews while having vision problems, I have decided to rework this song. The vision aspect was originally intended as part of the difficulty, but after experience, I have learned that this idea is unacceptable in Beat Saber. With that said, I will be making adjustments soon in order to improve vision and flow while maintaining the same speed. Most parts will be kept, but I will definitely change the parts most players struggle on.

I will leave this version available if you still wish to experience the original version of “Lonely Departure – Chroma”. But keep in mind that there will be a reworked version with better vision and flow. Feel free to delete this version as well. I’ll leave that up to you.

Please look forward to the changes. I hope you will enjoy the new version!




Reworked version is now uploaded! Link is below:

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