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Hopes and Dreams – Undertale

Difficulties Expert
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This map has some fun parts, but there are a couple of issues that keep it from being a truly good map. The blocks  are on rhythm and corresponds well to the song, however, there are quite a few awkward block placements.

Specifically, there are many blocks that are placed too high up for their angle. Not only does it make it difficult to score on those blocks, shorter players may have a hard time cutting those blocks in a horizontal facing direction. There are also many eye-level blocks that hurts the readability of the map. One instance where this is particularly prevalent is near the beginning, where walls will force your view directly into a line of blocks at eye level (0:30). The only way to see past even the first block is to move all the way to the side of the level, which is not something most people would do without prior knowledge of the map.

Barring these issues, the pattern can be quite engaging, and the map presents some unique ideas: for example, the use of bombs in this map was a fun challenge. The patterning can also get a bit repetitive near the end.

Overall, this is not a bad map, but nothing really makes it stand out, and on top of the readability issues, I will probably not be revisiting this one.

Mapper: guatapuri

An expert map for the song Hopes and Dreams from Undertale.

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